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Birth Rights (and Wrongs)

Yaaaay! , originally uploaded by celia . The following scribble merits being written in English for the benefit of all those British readers out there, wherever in the world they may live. I read recently that the British diaspora is one of the largest in the world. Few people would imagine that with the exception of India, few countries have so many of their nationals resident overseas as does the United Kingdom. I was born and educated in the UK and both my parents were and are British citizens. In the case of my Father, he is about as British as they come, of both English and Scottish ascendency. I have always therefore considered myself to be British, and of course, European. That is what it says on my passport (European Union: United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland). I live in Spain where I have been resident for the last six and a half years. Of course, my status is as a European Union resident and on my identity card it clearly states that as well as Europ