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The Spanish media and the Middle East

According to a straw poll conducted by the Catalan newspaper, La Vanguardia , 58% of readers consider the Israeli incursion into Gaza to be justified, ‘providing it achieves the objective of destroying Hamas’s bases’. Only 42% of readers are opposed considering Israel’s reaction to be out of proportion. Assuming that this is faithful measure of public opinion, and even if the figures are slightly skewed one way or the other, we can conclude that a considerable portion of public opinion in Catalonia, and presumably elsewhere in Spain, is supportive of Israel’s mission in Operation Solid Lead . The question I therefore put is this: If more than half the Spanish / Catalan public support Israel, why has the great part of the Spanish media expressed outrage and miscomprehension at the Czech President’s suggestion that the operation is defensive, and why has almost all reporting of the Israeli side of the story been blacked out? Are they really in touch with their readers? One would imagi